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Pay Per Call is the leading “performance based affiliate marketing method” being used by the top earning affiliates around the world (including myself).

It provides small to medium sized businesses and large corporations with limitless new, high-converting customers by having hundreds of affiliates/publishers advertising a dedicated toll free number that routes directly to the companies call center. This streamlines process has affiliates achieving 30%-50% conversion rates and unreal profits (making both affiliate and companies very happy). So why keep doing what your going now? Stop promoting traditional affiliate offers, stop making less than you deserve! Start leveraging your affiliate marketing expertise and online skills to drive phone calls from real customers to businesses and companies that will pay you $10-$350 a call! Instead of me saying how awesome it is.

Here are some quick words from various companies using pay per call affiliate to drive their business profits and long term growth.

(company names are not disclosed to protect them from affiliates bombarding them – please work through your networks)

MEDIA COMPANY – “We think pay per call is an incredibly new important part of the fabric of performance marketing and it is really an enabling tool to bridge the divide between traditional marketers and online marketers. I see pay per call as an important contributor within our industry and especially within our solution. Because tracking clicks and tracking impressions and conversions is great but there is so much of the sale that may occur over the telephone and in fact the telephone is one of the best ways for us to convert the customer to a sale. Having kind of a call tracking mechanism that really helps to close the loop on tracking where those incoming calls are coming from, where those dollars where originally spent and also the keywords that we bought that will generate the most amount of leads, I think that’s a powerful proposition for them at scale to really start to modify how they are advertising and how on the other end that will drive more calls and I think that’s a pretty powerful thing.”

AFFILIATE COMPANY – “One of the things I like about pay per call is that you really can run it anywhere. You can run it in online video ads, you can run it in online audio ads, and you can actually move offline, so it really allows you to go full circle. I think the fact that society is becoming more and more mobile over time makes sense that pay per call is leading the industry. The pay per call platform allows us to distribute our phone numbers through mobile devices and there is a lot of mobile devices where you don’t want to finish the transaction on a browser, it’s just not convenient. But a phone call everybody is got a phone in their pocket and everybody can make an instant call and talk to human being and to be able to track that online and interject that into affiliate marketing, its real key.”

APPLIANCE REPAIR COMPANY – “In addition to mobile, that’s one of the great things about pay per call is that it’s not limited to mobile. Mobile is a great fit and we love it for mobile but you can certainly advertise a phone number anywhere else and it will still work the same way.  We are looking for increased distribution to expand beyond affiliate marketing in the traditional sense and what we realize is that this allows us to get into a lot of areas that we haven’t previously been able to get distribution.”

LARGE LEGAL FIRM – “The networks make it easy for a publisher/affiliate to connect with us, and extremely easy for an advertiser to jump in and test the waters and get those results that we can actually track back to a formidable ROI. I see pay per call as becoming a real viable solution for a lot of companies. Companies that have historically not promoted online and not participated in affiliate marketing at all and maybe they are not savvy enough or they just haven’t been introduced into the market but pay per call allows them to get into the market easily and just start participating in an affiliate marketing solution but using a venue that they are already familiar with which is getting sales from a 1-800 number. Now it’s just on steroids with affiliates driving many calls a day.”

SO ASK YOURSELF – If businesses love it so much, and they will pay you top dollar to drive them calls than what are you waiting for? Start promoting today. Learn how to start promoting pay per call with me. I will be your pay per call coach.

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