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Have you heard of the SurgeCalls Network?

Surge Calls - Pay per call network review Hello my fellow pay per call marketing affiliates! Are you ready to make more ROI this year! I wanted to let you in on a secret network that I have been secretly testing and reviewing – it’s the SurgeCalls Network!

** UPDATE: As of 2021, this network has been offline. Hoping they return soon. **


  • The highest payouts by working directly with the end business (unlike many other networks which use a 3rd party) You ever wonder why so many networks have the exact same offer?
  • Pay Per Call Offers that are unique, more freedom in how you market, and lastly the MOST transparency I have seen in this business, in your commissions report and calls (you can hear all the calls).
  • Bi-weekly payments & Accepting domestic and international affiliates I refer over to them.
  • Get Landing Pages and Templates from them – You dont need to be a web designer.
  • Lastly, get approved into this network 1-2 days with a referral from me! (link below)

What Niches or Verticals do they have offers for:

  • Health (Medicare, Health Insurance, Life Insurance)
  • Legal (Auto Injury, Workers Compensation)
  • Finance (Credit Repair, Tax Debt)
  • Home Services (Water Damage Restoration, Moving, Home Security)
  • Miscellaneous (Pet Insurance)
  • As well some random unique offers…

See the Top 5 benefits of Surgecalls vs other networks below. 


Only apply if you are serious in earning with Pay Per Call Offers Get approved ASAP by signing up through our PAY PER CALL EXPOSED REFERRAL!

Sign Up! Pay Per Call Exposed Referral (message me after you apply – use my contact form)

Top 5 Benefits Surge Calls Network has Over All Other NetworksTop 5 REAL Benefits Surge Calls Network has Over All Other Networks.

Advanced Call Tracking & Transparency

Surgecalls call tracking software not only helps you track conversions, call duration, location and the caller’s information like all other networks, they also have a live call recording feature that records every inbound call that you generate. This advanced tracking feature will not only help make scaling your successful campaign easier and more effective but it also offers full transparency into exactly which leads have converted, so you can focus on what you do best which is driving calls and not have to worry about which leads counted and which did not. This shows the honestly of the network!

High Conversions & More Income

Surgecalls is selective and has exclusive deals with businesses that ensure they only connect with businesses that have high conversions rates, strong EPC and trustworthy terms. Why is this good for affiliates like you? The reason is simple, we will not put any offers that we wouldn’t run ourselves, this ensures that our offers not only have high payments but also high conversion rates

Exclusive Offers

Surgecalls works with clients and partners directly  – no 3rd party or co-partner. This ensures that the affiliates will work with offers that are not overly saturated and have the best chance to succeed.

Knowledgeable Help

Surgecalls is an agency with experience in pay per call, this is how they can offer advice to affiliates on how to scale your campaign, what tools to use, and how to make more money with pay per call. Surgecalls are different than other affiliate networks or other merchants because they actually want their affiliates to succeed and Surgecalls has the knowledge that will be able to help them. This is seriously unique offering that no other network has. 


Surgecalls only work with clients and advertisers that have a good standing, which means that the offers and programs that they have for affiliates are very stable and profitable. Also, as stated above, since Surgecalls works with clients or advertisers directly, it allows them much more control and they keep in contact with their clients frequently to maintain this stability. This is so important to keep campaigns alive for a long time. Don’t you hate when you optimize a campaign, then it is shutdown from the network! That is less likely to happen at Surgecalls.


Surge Calls is always innovating and want to provide their affiliates the best tools possible to make money $$ and they got an amazing update. Surge Calls Network is now providing all of their affiliates landing pages and templates for pay per call campaigns. They have an application where you can login and use their ready-made landing pages/templates. All of the landing pages look great and can be used right away for their pay per call campaigns. They also mentioned  to continue to add new campaigns in the coming weeks so stay tuned. If you see a campaign that you like or want to use our landing pages please reach out to your affiliate manager. 

Pay Per call money, payouts and approvals

How fast for Approvals? How fast do I get Paid? Can anyone Join?

How fast can a new affiliate referred by PayPerCall Exposed to Surgecalls get approved?

A: Once the affiliate who is referred by Raj from Pay per call exposed (links on this page) and signs up like mentioned above, one of the Surgecalls affiliate managers will reach out to speak with them. The turn around time for these referrals are quick it can be approved the same day (if it is early in the day) or the following day(if it is later on in the day).

Can you tell me about Surgecalls payout terms? How soon do I get paid?

A: Surgecalls standard payment terms for affiliates are bi-weekly! or every third week depending on if they are international affiliates or domestic. Bi-weekly payments are awesome!

Does Surgecalls accept international affiliates?

A: Yes they do! Once you sign up as an affiliate regardless of a domestic or international affiliate, they reach out and speak with them on the phone. Nothing hardcore, they just ask a few basic questions like the type of ads you will be running, which verticals or niches you are interested in, a little background information etc. Takes only 5-10 minutes.


Only apply if you are serious in earning with Pay Per Call Offers. Get approved ASAP by signing up through the PAY PER CALL EXPOSED REFERRAL!

Sign Up! Pay Per Call Exposed Referral (message me after you apply – use my contact form)

Here is a infographic explaining the benefits for those of us that like visuals 🙂

Ok by now you must want to join? Start making money with pay per call marketing and offers!


Only apply if you are serious in earning with Pay Per Call Offers. Get approved ASAP by signing up through the PAY PER CALL EXPOSED REFERRAL!

Sign Up! Pay Per Call Exposed Referral (message me after you apply – use my contact form)

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