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Things to know for a Successful Pay Per Call Campaigns

The key elements for profit and success.

What you Need to Know for a Successful Pay Per Call Campaign.

Ok, so now I am going to get into what you can actually do to really appeal to your mobile audience out there. So for mobile PPC what I want to give you is just a quick guide of what your options are. I gave you lots of great information about what mobile traffic these days looks like and it’s actually undeniable that we have a huge influx in mobile activity. Whether its people browsing social media which has had insane growth for the last few years or people using their phones to search for things and really begin their research process whether they are shopping for appliance repair to tax help.

Assessment if value and quality by call vertical/niche.

(this maybe from 2013, but it still relevant today, and only growing as mobile adoption and usage increases) Assessment if value and quality by call vertical/niche. Obviously items that a things people NEED (repair, financial help) are better for pay per call than things people WANT (Entertainment)


Either way mobile users are an audience that we can no longer can ignore so I’m going to talk a little bit about what your options are. I can break them down into three basic categories

  1. Mobile preferred ads: basically everything before the click that involves how you talk to your mobile users, what you say, what you show them and really how you engage with them, whether they are calling or coming to your site or how they interact with you.
  2. Call only campaigns: Google used to offer something they call “click to call” ads but now they have realized that they want to take it up a notch and give us a whole campaign to use for this particular kind of targeting.
  3. Call tracking: there is a lot to be said about call tracking I’m just going to give you a couple of little glimpses into what I do with it as somebody who works with PPC every day.

So in mobile preferred ads there are a lot of things that I can cover, so what you really want to do is make sure that in some way or another you are acknowledging your mobile traffic. I use Google and Bing mainly because those are the two primary ones that people begin with. There are obviously social media platforms and things like that but really Google and Bing have for a long time now known that mobile is a really big deal. So when you’re making your mobile ads, it’s really simple to create a mobile preferred ad, you simply check the box that says mobile, really straight forward.

Call ad

Now the goal here behind this is to not only differentiate what your ad copy is saying so acknowledging that you can do something on your phone or visit our mobile site or even things like calling out reminding people that it’s at the tip of their finger, what they do on a desktop or a mobile device but also the landing pages. So it may be your website is a mobile responsive website, you may have a mobile site specifically or you just might want to let somebody know that the page they are going to is actually going to work well when you’re on a mobile device (you will even see Google has started doing this in their organic listing saying in grey text “mobile friendly”). So even if you’re just trying to prep them for preparing to be on your website on their phones, this is a great way to start indicating that. Then of course you get the segmentation of your data from Google. By creating a mobile preferred ad you no longer have to worry about separating your desktop performance from your mobile performance. You actually create two separate ads that you can just turn too and say mobile ads, what are they doing, what’s my successful message and what’s our successful language and doing the same for desktop. So the first most important step is to

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ok, now lets take a little step back (well more a linear step) and  get into exactly what is pay per call (for an affiliate), the process of how it works, and what niches are profitable?

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