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Hi Everyone. I created this new video showing calls, data, traffic analytics and profit from Sept, Oct, and Nov. 2016 on a current legal / lawyer pay per call offer. I selected this offer since legal offers are usually most costly to buy ads for – but they also have some of the highest payouts. But this time I am not showing Paid search ads traffic, I am showing FREE TRAFFIC. In my course, I show my seo techniques (which also help with better QS/ad placement with paid ads) but anyways I show you how a long tail ranked page CAN get you free calls, resulting in profit. I made this for those people that do not have money to invest in ads, but still want to promote pay per call offers. So if you are an expert in SEO, this could be your angle to win at pay per call using the methods in my course coupled with your SEO expertise. This was my success I show. I made this video to inspire and help many who cannot afford ads at this time. Always test new things!