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Advanced Tracking for Insane Profits – Using RingPools

aka Dynamic Number Insertion & tracking

Advanced Tracking – Using RingPools (aka Dynamic Number Insertion & Tracking)

advanced Call TrackingCall tracking is one of the keys to success as this will give you direct ROI. What I want to talk about and the fact that using third party call tracking providers has been extremely helpful to a lot of people doing pay per call affiliate marketing because it gives you a ton of insight and direct ROI.

Now you could use Google forwarding numbers (this is free within AdWords when you make a Call only campaign or Call Extensions) and you could get basic information from that and that’s great and an easy option but it definitely cuts you out of a lot of the analytics that focus on really strong optimizations that you could be making on your marketing.

Typically with third party call tracking that I’ve used (which is available on all major pay per call networks – just ask your account manager for it), you typically end up placing a pixel on your website that responds to the user when they get to your site. So you place the pixel, then a visitor sees an ad, they click it (you pass the KEYWORD tag using URL tagging), come to your site, now a phone number is going to appear for the visitor dynamically (which is connected to that visit). Typically this visit will be tagged for thirty days (so if they call later, you know it came from this Ad and visit session) they continue to get that same number assigned to them that they can then call and then you can trace back by using your url tagging to actually find out more about who they were, what their search query was, where they came from, which ads they came from and really work on that. Now you know exactly which keyword/banner/ad brought the call (without using Call Only Ads I mean). AMAZING!

Ok let me show you exactly how to do this:

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Alright! We are almost near the end of this guide. So now your campaigns are running at high conversions, your making great money but there is still one more step to squeeze even more money out of your current campaigns and promotions. TIME TO ASK FOR A RAISE! Heck, you deserve it! You are a pay per call rock star – Let me show you exactly how to get it. Time to get paid!

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