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Hey guys how are you. In this post I am going to talk about something that will take your affiliate marketing earnings to a whole new level. A level where you can make enough passive income to quit your day job (yeah I know everyone says that, but you will see why this is different). So what is pay per call affiliate marketing? Before I get into that, lets talk about what your doing now. You know traditional affiliate marketing is pure commission based marketing where you promote a product, if the person buys it, you get a commission. The next common way to make money online is CPA which is cost per action; so that they don’t have to buy, they can just take some action like fill out a form, download a game, take a survey etc. The customer doesn’t have to pay, for you to get paid so it’s actually easier to convert them – but you need lots of volume.

Some of the many pay per call networks available today.

Now let me talk about the game changer which is pay per call affiliate marketing. This is really great if you have more mobile traffic to leverage,  they are already on their phone and many pay per call networks (who work with companies) pay a lot of money to you to get your website visitors/customers to get them to call that company. The reason is  they are already on their mobile phone and ready to talk to someone, or to buy or do an action of some sort. The value to the company is your customer is now connected to their salesperson on their team so these guys have a very high chance to convert that person into a customer (unlike filling out a form etc) and for that reason they pay you a big commission.


Why is this important to you? Because all you need to do is drive calls, it doesn’t matter if they buy what the company is selling (that is their job) this really is “pay per call”. As mentioned the person doesn’t have to buy anything, just has to call you dedicated toll free number which the networks give you for free (this is your tracking number basically) and stay on the line for like 60 seconds or two minutes (every offer is different) to ensure that it is a real call with legitimate interest. These are high value customers, this is why the pay outs range from $10-$350 per all – that price range is from Home Repair services to find a lawyer type offer. You can find pay per call offers like these across many networks like RingPartner (see review), Commission Junction etc. (I have my personal favorite pay per call network list here).


So how would you promote pay per call offers? There are many way to promote your dedicated phone number the networks give you. But the most common are Google Adwords and Bing Ads in Search of course! But don’t forget about display and offline methods as well. Mobile traffic is really key, but we cannot ignore desktop – it has its place, depends on the offer your promoting. Some need more education on the service or product, while others are emergency “I need to call someone now!” Understanding your customer needs is what will make you successful in profitability and sustainability in pay per call affiliate marketing.

Hope that gave you a snapshot into this amazing way of making long term income! If your looking to try pay per call marketing and don’t know where to start. Make sure to check out my personal online step by step tutorial on how to make passive income from pay per call. Its great for newbies to advance marketers looking for something new and profitable.

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