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Get a Pay Per Call Expert to Review Your Campaign

Get Optimized For Success! I will review your Landing Page & Ads!

Is Your Pay Per Call Campaign Not Converting or Profitable?

Not Sure How to Lower CPC? Need Help Improving Quality Score?

Need an Experience Pay Per Call Expert to Review Everything from Your Landing Page to Search Ads (Bing or Google)

Then this service is for you!

pay per call coaching campaign offer setup
I have had some affiliates asking me:

“I don’t really need your Full Campaign Setup Service, but I would like for you to review my current ad campaign and landing page. I feel like everything is right but I don’t know why I am not getting calls or conversions, can you help?”

I personally will review everything from ads, keywords to your landing page, and send you back a report on what to fix and optimize within 24-48 hours!

Regardless if you are 100% confident in your campaign setup, it’s always good to get another set of experienced eyes and pay per call know-how, to review it and give you valuable and actionable feedback to ensure you are on track to your goals.

So stop wasting money on ads and landing pages that are not converting! Let’s get this campaign making money for you!


A Detailed Optimization Review & Report of Your Search Ad Campaign

Improve Conversions

Why you’re not getting conversions, or how to improve your current conversions to maximize profits.

Lower CPC (Cost Per Click)

Explain how to lower your CPC (Cost Per Click) costs through some optimization. And stop wasting money on ads/keywords that are not worth the performance return (ROI).

Keywords Review & Optimization

Analyze your keyword strategy, and let you know how to optimize, grow or eliminate keywords.

Improve Ad Rank

Analyze the data to let you know why your ad rank is poor, and how to optimize to get this higher. This will overall boost CTR and impressions – it’s not always about just spending more money.

Increase Impressions

Analyze and explain why your not getting enough impressions, and come up with solutions (which is important as you need the data to optimize in the future).

Improve Quality Score & CTR (Click Through Rate)

Why your quality score is poor, and how to improve it. Review your CTR (click through rate) performance and how to optimize it.

Maximize Exposure with Ad Extensions

How to leverage and maximize ad extensions to ensure your ad is seen

Ad Review for Copy, Setup & Performance

Review your ads, and make recommendations on improving performance, copy and click through rate.

Along with other miscellaneous items – as every campaign is different…

Landing Page Review & Report
(Even for Call Only Ads this is very relevant)

Just as important it is for me to give you valuable feedback on your search ads. Your landing page has a big part in saving you money, and helping you get more conversions.

Improve Landing Page Performance & Quality Score

Report on how to optimize your landing page for improving your quality score in Bing Ads and Google Adwords (Your landing page still effects your quality score in Google Call Only ads, even though the user doesn’t see it – Google does! and uses their algorithm to set your quality score and influences your CPC and Ad Rank.)

Review Usability & SEO Optimization

Even though we are focusing on search ads improvement. We should also consider search engine optimization as part of the mix. Because organic “free calls” is free, consistent cash in your pocket.


  • Get $50 off Full Access to my Pay Per Call Course Tutorial. To ensure you can continue your success! This course also includes 2 weeks dedicated support & coaching over email or Skype.


  • Because some affiliates already understand pay per call marketing, but just need someone to review their setup to advise on why its not working, or how to improve current conversions.
  • Because having a expert review the campaign can save you a lot of money in the long run
  • Because it will assist in getting profitable – faster!
  • Because they can apply what they learn from this single review, to the remainder of their campaigns.

Reviews! What Are Affiliates Saying About This Service!

5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Glad I found Raj! He reviewed my campaign, and found so many flaws in my Adwords!

This was the best money I have spent for a support related service. I am very glad I found Raj! He reviewed my campaign, and found so many flaws in my Adwords! I have spent a long time trying to optimize my pay per call campaigns, and have been losing too much money. After Raj's report, he showed me what I was doing wrong. I got this service done last week, and today I am finally seeing profits (so thought I would leave a review). I am so happy! and I know it will pay for itself and more. Thanks for your great service. Robert.
- Robert W | USA

Fastest Way to Get Profitable!

I used this service 4 days ago, and got my report. Report was direct, and easy to understand (I am newbie in PPCall). Showed me exactly what to change and why. Some of the things he found - I didn't know how I missed! Felt kind of silly. Finally I am now getting calls and conversions, hoping with some tweaking, I am going to be profitable by end of the week. Which is huge for me! As I have run 3 other campaigns - and all lost money. To me this is the fastest way to get profitable! So glad I got this done. Now I am applying my learning to the other campaigns. If you are new, then you should get this so you don't waste too much money like I did.
- Debbie C. | Canada

I highly recommend this service. Totally worth every penny, thanks Raj!

I ordered a campaign review from Raj after going through his training program ( and I have to say it was easily some of the best money I've ever invested. I'm not new to Pay Per Call, and Raj was able to "take me to school" and help me fine tune my campaigns. Whether you're stuck, or know you could use just a little more improvement on a campaign, I highly recommend this service. Totally worth every penny, thanks Raj!
- William M. | USA


pay per call coaching campaign offer setupThis personalized review of your pay per call landing page and search ads setup will help you find and resolve the issues your currently struggling with, while getting you profitable – faster!

Campaign Review Report

Only $429 USD

Remember this service is ME reviewing everything you’re doing in your pay per call marketing to help you improve performance and profitability. Turn around time is usually 24-48 hours.

This service is for a single campaign offer, which includes:

  • A personalized report on how to improve and optimize all aspects of your search ads campaign in EITHER Google Adwords or Bing Ads (if you want both, please contact me for special pricing)
  • An analysis of how to improve your landing page in terms of SEO, usability and optimization to help quality score and lower CPCs of your search ads.
  • A discount coupon code for $50 off my Pay Per Call Course . This will ensure your future growth and success in pay per call marketing,

*I want to clarify. I cannot Guarantee Results (no one can), but I can guarantee that I will find improvements to be made. If I cannot, you get a 100% refund – No questions asked. 


If you are interested in this service or have a question please use the button below. I like to connect with people before working with them.

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