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Why to Start Into Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing Now

Strike while the iron is hot! With big payouts and easy conversion in paypercall.

Right now is the Time to Get Into Pay Per Call.

pay per call moneyGet in First for the Big Win! The iron is hot with pay per call marketing and the affiliate industry is still in its early days I believe. Remember what the web was like 5-10 years ago? It was full of opportunity and competition was limited. Well, pay per call is like that today and there’s an opportunity for you to cash in on pay per call today with an early adopter advantage.

Many Niches – Never Run Out of Ideas Pay per call can work for many different niches and there are some really unique and exciting businesses jumping on board. From appliance repair to locksmith calls to abortion help to carpet installation to student loan help – virtually tons! Also, because the fraud risk to the vendor/business is much lower with pay per call marketing, making it much easier to enter, with higher pay outs!

New Ways to Promote Your Campaigns/Offers New Ways to Promote Your Campaigns/Offers With pay per call you’re not limited to the standard marketing channels (online for example). Wherever you can place your tracking number (your dedicated toll free number) and produce good quality call leads, that can now be your new secret method. Maybe you’ve got some offline methods that you’ve wanted to try like bag signs, or classified listings, or flyers. Think outside the box and try something unique! And track by using a different phone number on each method.  

Higher Commissions than Other Affiliate Programs Since you’ll be generating calls directly to the call center to the businesses your promoting they’ll instantly be able to determine your call quality and if you can produce better quality traffic, you’ll get a better pay out (I will talk more about this later). Also, many businesses are new and willing to test with higher budgets and pay outs to get more affiliates interested and selecting them over other businesses.

Many Niches – Never Run Out of IdeasBusinesses are Really Interested – And Paying! Even though pay per call marketing has been around for a few years, it’s now finally becoming an effective way of generating quality leads and customers for businesses. With the huge addiction of smartphones it’s making a major rise in the demand for pay per call leads. Affiliate marketers need to seize this opportunity and get into the space sooner rather than later.


Ok, now lets get into understanding a little about customer mobile behavior, and why pay per call is the future of growth in affiliate marketing.

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