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So many affiliate marketers new and old jump into pay per call and just think they can do what they do in traditional marketing and be successful. If this was the case everyone would do it! There are 6 keys things you need to do to be successful and make money with pay per call affiliate marketing. Start thinking differently, and work hard and the results will come. Lets get into this.

Tracking your Traffic

So many people get excited when they have calls coming into their offers but then realized – “Hey none of them are converting”. This is why its key to track where your traffic is coming from. Make sure your targeting the right customer. A few things to leverage for better tracking are:

  • Your tracking phone # from the network: leverage the data within the system reports you get. Look at the source, timing etc.
  • Duration of calls: if everyone is dropping off at 25 seconds for example, then listen to the IVR and see what the option is at that time. You may be able to optimize or adjust your media targeting to cater to that point at 25 seconds
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion with Ringpools: Using dynamic keyword insertion with Ringpools, will allow you to track keywords from search ads, display ads (source) etc. and in the reporting within the network see exactly which calls came from where. If all your calls that don’t convert are coming from a keyword, or site that you have a display ad on – then you know to drop it.

Make sure your creative looks professional

Everyone is rushing to get campaigns and websites live. Problem is we make half-ass attempts at making a professional experience for the customer. People will NOT call if the site doesn’t look legit. Take the time to make it look good; as well make sure its mobile friendly. Don’t forget your whole goal is for them to call. Don’t HIDE the phone number! Make the call to action clear and visible.  Again, stop thinking about yourself, and think about the customer. Take care of them.

Maximize your traffic sources

I know the first you do when starting to promote a pay per call offers is go to AdWords and setup ads. Yes that’s great and all; but the problem is you stop there (I know you do).  There are so many other untapped marketing channels to promote your offers:

  • Pop over ad units: target competitor sites, or even the one your marketing for
  • Mobile Display: get them on the device they are using
  • Social: make a post in context to their historical searches/interests
  • Email – Target with a email and set the phone number to be clickable from mobile.
  • Offline: like Polybag sign, classified, flyers, etc.. too many to mention

Know your customer, use data to drive your marketing

The extent of many pay per call marketer doing research on their customer is little to none to be honest. This is something you need to take advantage! All those lazy marketers are leaving a great gap from the high earners to the guys losing money. Knowing your customer is so important (I talk a lot about this in my online guide/tutorial). Do you know how they shop for your service? Do you know where they go? Google, Newspaper, Deal sites? Etc.. What time do they look for your services your marketing? You have to know these things to ensure your not buying ads when its not relevant, you have your phone number in places they are looking. I cant stress this enough. You can use tools like Adword/Bing Ads keyword tool, or SEMRUSH to find new untapped keywords or trends – as well see where your competitor is marketing and see all their ads! (psst! Get a Free Trial, its fully unlocked)

Sign up to odd and weird offers. Make money with less competition

Everyone jumps into legal, medical or tax related pay per call offers. But what about the odd ones? Think about it, if you’re not wanting to promote it, most likely others are not either. This is not always a bad thing. You could own that niche; it most likely has less competition as well. With these odd offers like Hotel booking, Concert tickets offers, Entertainment rentals for example these niches may have better targeting options, cheaper CPCs and huge ability to scale and profit more. Imagine if you ran one of these and were killing it. You could go back to your account manager and ask for a payout increase (I have more info on how to do this in my guide).

Talk to your account manager – your new best friend!

Always remember your account manager is your best friend. Why? Because they are there to support you. I have great account managers across all the pay per call networks I work with. I make sure to keep in touch with them weekly – do you? You need to be that guy (or girl) they email or contact when they want to test a new offer, or hand pick you because your such a awesome pay per call marketer. Leverage the relationship. As well those account managers are experts, use them to help review your creative, and make suggestions on your website. They can even suggest to you what is working for certain campaigns. The list goes on and on. The more money you make, the more they make if that’s not motivation to help then I don’t know what is!

pay per call exposed affiliate marketing guide ebookIf you’re looking to learn how to do pay per call affiliate marketing, and want to take it to the next level – then check out my step by step guide on how to make living with pay per call marketing. Check out my online pay per call tutorial for more info.

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