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What is Pay Per Call Marketing

and What Niches are Profitable?

What is Pay Per Call Marketing & What Niches/Industries are Profitable?


To re-iterate Pay Per Call affiliate marketing in a nutshell is the process of getting valuable phone calls to businesses through various marketing channels (SEO, website, search ads, classifieds, flyers, banners, etc…) The new-age Yellow pages if you will! You get paid for every verified call you send to a business. Let me explain. Your sole job is to get people to call a dedicated number which is yours (given to you by the networks) when someone calls, stays on the line for a certain duration (from 30 seconds – 2 min) you get paid $$$ – it’s that simple and no selling required!

Typical Pay Per Call Sales Flow

pay per call affiliate process to make money

This is how the full sales cycle works when promoting pay per call offers. Knowing the process is very important to your success. You can see how the marketing you’re doing in market is impacting the various moments that matter – be creative in your approach.

pay per call moneyWHY THE HIGH PAY OUTS? Calls are much higher value to businesses than clicks – hence why the pay outs are $20-$150 for each verified call. (Don’t believe me? Check out OfferVault showing offers from various pay per call networks) unlike getting paid for “clicks” at $0.10-$2.00. Now you know why I have been doing pay per call for so long. The BEST PART is 99% of the offers you promote, you DO NOT NEED TO SELL ANYTHING! They just need people to stay on the phone for a certain duration and YOU GET PAID! The value to them is they have their contact info, to call them later to convert them. The value for them is the customer data! The same reason why Facebook is so valuable, all that customer data and segmentation is priceless.


Businesses love pay per call affiliates, and its growing daily and the niches available are always growing too. See here for a example are profitable offers/niches available:

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Awesome! alright now let me show you how to find and apply to profitable networks. I will also go into details of the networks platform tools to help you market better. You don’t want to miss this!

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