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Raj Author and Pay per call marketing expertHi Guys,

So I know you want to jump right in and start to learn how to make lots of money with pay per call. I also know you want to jump around to the different sections to only read what you want. But for you to fully take advantage of all my experience, learning and methods I HIGHLY ADVISE to read this in order. At the bottom of each section there will be a NEXT button which will take you the next section.

I created this members area in a way of a pay per call book or tutorial. So please read everything. There is about 60 pages of content so please take your time. The value you are about to gain, in what your going to read is priceless.

Lastly, here is a high level of how the content your going to read is broken down:

  1. Education: first couple of pages are more about pay per call in general, the industry, why companies like pay per call, how mobile usage is making pay per call the future of affiliate marketing etc. Great background info to ensure you understand the opportunity.
  2. Building Campaigns & Ads: This is the bulk of pay per call exposed affiliate marketing guide ebookthis online guide, this goes into the actual “How to” content, Methods and Tactics used over the last 5 years until now, and best practices. This is the part that will get things done and actioned.
  3. Advanced Tactics: There a few pages on advanced methods and tactics to amplify and optimize what you have learned until this point
  4. Increase Your Pay Outs: Lastly, now that your making money with pay per call and performance is awesome, time to ask for a raise! I show you the actual process and my letter which you can use to ensure you put your best foot forward when asking for higher payouts.


If you have questions please email me at raj AT – I will respond within 12 hrs.
Enjoy & Start the Hustle,
Raj P.

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