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Why Join the RingPartner Pay Per Call Affiliate Network?

See how RingPartner is different than other pay per call networks.
Last updated: May 18, 2017 at 18:48 pm RingPartner-paypercall-network


The Most Common Question I Get:
“Raj, Which pay per call network should I join?”

My answer is always the same – RingPartner! Let me tell you why! As an affiliate you do have many choices out there of different networks that have pay per call offers for you to promote. But RingPartner has really stood out from the crowd in my experience working with them for many years. From the highest payouts, most pay per call offers, and such a supportive team it would be hard for you not to make some money! In my case, I have made a lot of money from RingPartner, and I can’t say that it was “ALL ME” that did it. The account managers at RingPartner are so helpful, and insightful which has helped me learn a lot, and many of the new affiliates that have taken my pay per call course.

Here are the reasons why I think RingPartner is one of the best networks out there:

The Top 7 Reason To Join RingPartner:

1.Fast and Efficient Approval Process

Unlike other networks, they are very quick with approvals. This is due to their dedicated approval teams.

2. Newbie Friendly

They are looking for newbies to experts to join their pay per call network. Unlike many of the other networks who only take people with experience. Work with them and get educated while making money.

3. Highest Payouts in the Industry

Once you are approved – you will clearly see why people flock to RingPartner. Their payouts are much higher then the others. As well they have many exclusive offers which allows them to payout higher.

4. The Most Selection of Pay Per Call Offers

I work with over 8 networks, and the amount of offers RingPartner has across so many verticals is insane. You can always find something to promote from common plumber offers, to odd and very niche offers.

5. Account Managers that are Pay Per Call Experts

I never have worked with such knowledgeable staff until I met RingPartner. They are pay per call experts themselves and offer such great advice. Usually I am the pay per call expert when talking to networks, but even I learn a thing or two from them.

6. Excellent Communication with their Affiliates

They always keep in touch – which is refreshing. They reach out with new offers, ask how its going and build the relationship.

7. Educational Pay Per Call YouTube Channel (featuring a webinar with PayPerCall Exposed)

Education is a big part of my pay per call course as many of you know, but so is it with the RingPartner network. Get access to their regularly updated RingPartner University and watch videos on how to be successful! (psst there is even a webinar with me and RingPartner – here is the video)

 So really there you have it. The choice is clear. You can always join a bunch of networks (and there are many great networks out there), but make sure RingPartner is part of your mix. You won’t be disappointed.