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QUICK TIP: Use Negative Keywords to Ensure Efficient Spend

Make sure your not paying for the wrong clicks

Use Negative Keywords to Ensure Efficient Spend

benefits negative keyword list pay per callOnce we have our awesome keywords list made, I would recommend creating the best negative match keyword list and put into the adwords or bing ads system (You will see a “negative keyword list” option in your keywords tab). This will ensure your ads are not getting displayed for non-relevant keywords that won’t get people to call you – but you end up paying for the click! Using Broad match and even broad match modifiers makes having a negative keyword list that much more important. Those keyword types are great for volume and to find new keywords, but if not filtered it could burn through your budget pretty quickly. Below i show you where you find the NEGATIVE keyword option (in your campaign, select AD GROUP, then KEYWORDS, THEN you will see NEGATIVE KEYWORDS.)

Negative Keyword list

pay per call pro tip from RajPRO TIP:
Here is an amazing public list I still use to this day. This has the most common negative keywords you will most likely use. Has save me a ton of money and work: World’s Biggest Negative Keywords List by Industry.

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