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Call Only Ads –The Most Powerful Converting Ads!

Learn all about Call Only Ads & Setup

Using Call Only Ads –The Most Powerful Converting Ads!

call volume dataCall only campaign is something that Google rolled out a while back and it’s a goldmine for pay per call affiliates! So the basics of it are its for mobile devices only so you don’t need to worry about that anymore, it’s strictly mobile users and you target them using whichever keywords you like because it’s a traditional search campaigns you can use language that you found most successful overall you can look through your data and find out what’s most successful with your mobile users and really find out how to talk to them using their keywords. You obviously cater your ad copy language to the fact that they are on a device, every single person that comes through here is on a mobile device so you want to make sure that you speak to that (like saying CALL NOW!) and then lastly the unique targeting that you can use really speaks to the fact that you know:

  • That they are not at their desktop

  • You know they potentially have limited time & attention

  • Limited ability to put in a ton of information into one of your lead forms

So what you do is really speak to this user who’s going to be directed specifically to your phone number. A call only ad looks like this:

Call Only ad on MOBILE

The entire goal behind a call only ad is, when a mobile user sees your ad, you’re only allowing them the option to call you. (No website click even though a web address is displayed) So what you need to know as a pay per call affiliate is your headline is going to include your phone number and then you’re going to have your normal URL for whatever your website is and then you’re going to have your ad copy so you’ll still want to focus on a message that speaks to your mobile users.

In setting up the campaign it’s really straight forward, you can either opt one of your current search campaigns into being a call only or you can create a whole new one. Now somebody who is obsessed with data like me, I always like to set up something new because I like to keep everything nice and neat and not unorganized with too much transition and existing campaign so I’ll create a new one and click on the “call only” feature and set up my ads. So when it comes to reporting, now this is where it gets a little bit tricky and this is where I want to make sure you are really paying attention.

If you are considering using call only campaigns you’re going to be able to see conversion reporting which mean you will know EXACTLY which ads and keywords are converting and making you money. I will get into little more later on about how call tracking works and how assigning numbers work but really for me that’s the biggest distinction in this kind of campaign, you want to make sure all those clicks are making calls. Now you don’t get any on website analytics which again is a big bummer for someone like me who loves to have a lot of data, but what I can see is my competitive matrix so I can still see how often that I have the opportunity of showing my ad and if  I’m actually showing my ad, and if not why? Also how frequently I’m losing that opportunity because of low rank. Here is a example of how you find this out:

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