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Optimizing Call Conversions

Leverage IVR's not to lose any calls. Re-route to other offers.

Double Conversions with Your Own IVR’s

Note: For you to have access to upload your own IVRs you will need to ask your account manager to add this feature to your dashboard. They are more than glad too.

ivr pay per callYou will notice when you use the “TEST CALL” feature in your affiliate dashboard (as shown earlier) it will allow you to hear the call, and you can go through the process like a customer. This is very important to do so you can tailor your ads and website to what the phone experience is for the customer – the messaging has to be integrated from what you’re doing online to what they hear when the customer calls the phone number. Ok, so you will realized that some offers have poor IVR’s (interactive voice response). This the recording that plays when you call for example “Thank you for calling Roto Rooter, please press 1 to book an appointment, press 2 for Service or press 3 for sales.” So here is an awesome strategy to ensure you don’t lose the customer due to things out of your control. I noticed that one of my campaigns for a personal injury lawyer offer which I was driving calls too, was converting at 10-12% (not so great). So I looked at the reporting in the dashboard, and noticed the people were not pressing 1 (to talk to a personal injury lawyer) they pressed 2 (which was talk to another lawyer) – which would just hang up on them. Ok so this is a problem! Let me show you how I fixed this and make huge profits with a simple change.

pay per call ivr

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I want to switch gears now a little. Lets talk about a media network that has the ultimate targeting with a ton of data which you can tap into – YES FACEBOOK! They launched CALL NOW ads and I am going to walk you through a real life example of an ad I running currently. I will show you how to use their targeting, and platform to make your ad shine. As well some of my methods to help!

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