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Where to Advertise Your Pay Per Call Offers

Learn the best channels to market your offers

Where to Advertise Your Pay Per Call Offers

The last step is one of the most important ones – since this is the part that costs you money – Advertising! So I am going to take you through the main steps to create ads that convert on Google/Bing (virtually the same process) as well show you about what can be done in these other untapped areas for pay per call like:

  • Social Media
  • Display Banners
  • Classifieds Online & Print (newspapers)
  • Lawn Signs/Bag Signs/Flyers

Again it depends on what your offer is, you need to really understand the customer and why they would need your service your promoting, and how would they go looking or it. This will dictate where you should advertise. Choose your weapon wisely.

classfied-ad-exampleEXAMPLE: Someone with a leaky pipe is looking for a plumber – NOW! It’s very urgent so they will go to Google/Bing and type “Emergency plumber in Miami” most likely from their mobile phone (so search ads are obvious the winner for this situation) versus someone looking for a job, yes they will go to google (it’s the main source for everything) but in this case, you also have the option for classifieds – it works really well and less competitive! I personally made a lot from classified advertising this with a pay per call “Trucking Job” offer which paid $5/call. They wanted calls from people looking for trucking and transport jobs – cost me $150 to advertise for a week in a few large newspapers in the classified “jobs section” across the USA. In the week I received 87 calls, but 65 actually converted (met the time requirement) so I got paid $325! Nice ROI.

I will go into detail on how to leverage more of these “other” marketing channels later on. Lets move onto the next page, where I will walk you through my proven methods and tactics to ensure better performing Google and Bing search ads. Search is obviously a big part of pay per call marketing so it warrants a detailed explanation and walk through of  I have been doing is successfully.

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