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How to Negotiate Higher Pay outs

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How to Negotiate Higher Pay outs

pay per call moneySo something you need to understand is that the pay per call network you’re working for as an affiliate is making a cut of every call you are paid for. They maybe even negotiating higher pay outs between them and the advertiser if you and others are sending great quality calls without you even knowing. One thing I know for sure is there is ALWAYS ROOM for a higher pay out. You don’t want to run a campaign for a week, and then ask for a higher pay out that’s not going to work and you will look foolish as well. I have a tried and tested method I use on all the networks I work on, and I usually get a pay out increase of some sort. End of the day we need to make more per call if we are spending the time and money to advertise their pay per call campaigns.

First thing I do is make sure I keep constant dialogue with my manager at the network. This is SO IMPORTANT! Because remember they have many affiliates, and MANY newbies. Which of many don’t keep a relationship with the manager. Don’t to be that guy. I always keep contact with all my networks, and in return I get phone calls from them randomly just to see how I am doing! I get emails offering me private offers, or even asking me to run a campaign which they are testing to see if it’s good or not, and paying top dollar for my time. So why do they reach out to me and not others:

  • I always keep in touch with them via email or phone call. I stay “top of mind”.
  • I always send good quality calls to all my campaigns – which builds trust with them.
  • I make them money, so they are obviously want me to drive more.

My Proven Method to Get Pay Out Increases!

So here are the steps I follow every time to ensure my approach is solid when asking for a higher pay out. You want to ensure you have the back up to show why you deserve a higher pay out.

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They have no reason what so ever to not give you a higher pay out, even if it’s NOT what you wanted (even a few dollars) it really adds up. So always, always ask on your higher performing campaigns. That’s money just sitting on the table for you to take, before someone else does.






Good luck with increasing your pay outs and profits since that’s what all this hustle is about – right? Just a few closing words on the next page..

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