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About Me (the Author)

and My Pay Per Call Journey

Hi, and thanks for purchasing access to my PAY PER CALL EXPOSED VIP Members Area – honestly I wish a guide like this was around when I started 8+ years ago.

Which is why I have decided to create this VIP Members Area. If you’re here, than I know your serious about making more money from pay per call affiliate marketing. I am going to HELP you by SHOWING you REAL methods and tactics to be successful in the pay per call marketing space.
SO WHY LISTEN TO ME? Hi, my name is Raj, and unlike many other “self-appointed” digital experts – I am actually one. I was leading digital strategy and digital implementation of those strategies at a global fortune 500 company for 8 years, which allowed me to experiment and learn with a multi-million dollar media budget and gains great insights from working directly with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Media agencies and top-tier digital creative agencies – that’s priceless experience to be honest!

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As well I have been in traditional affiliate marketing for over 10+ years as well… a long time! But once I realized the potential of pay per call affiliate marketing and the potential financial freedom it brings, I focused on it for the last 5+ years. Much like you I was selling other people products from either Clickbank or other networks, or working heavily on SEO to get money from AdSense ads on my sites (many sites, like 80+ sites). I was doing well making $300+ a day (avg. profit) but as time progressed it was harder to rank all the sites, it was getting way more saturated and pay outs were getting lowered and getting scammed from networks “reporting” was on the rise to the point my ad spend and effort was exceeding my profits (not making it worth it to do). Don’t get me wrong – even to this day there are many people killing it with traditional affiliate marketing – but only the top 3% of all affiliate marketers are making major bank, you know where the rest are.

Here are 2 Quick Videos Showing Earnings, Ads Etc. See my YouTube Channel for More videos

So when I first heard about Pay Per Call in 2010/2011 I believe it was, I was thinking “who the hell would call when they can just click and go to a site and fill out a form?” But what I didn’t see (way back then) was the HUGE rise of mobile coming, and how it will change consumer behavior forever. Look at us today – we can’t even have a single moment without our phones! Heck if we forget our phone at home – we will turn back and go get it!! Well anyways, I am glad I got in early which allowed me to test a lot of methods and make major money – and even to this day, as its STILL NOT SATURATED! (Because most affiliates don’t know how to do it!)  And, there is still so much opportunity out there. You may wonder why am I sharing all my secrets and making this guide. Well think about it, most people will just not put in the effort (even if I tell you exactly how to do it) so this will leave the space open for those who are really dedicated which will be a few of you. So I have no worries, and you won’t either.

But people without this guide are starting from scratch which will cost them a lot of losses and learning before they catch up. Want to know why most people fail at Pay Per Call? Because..

  • They don’t just don’t how to fully maximize this opportunity
  • They don’t realize how important mobile traffic is, and how easy it converts.
  • They try it for a few weeks, fail and give up – no dedication!
  • It’s more than just buying ads, you need to think about the customer’s need.
  • They are money driven, not business driven – think long-term.

For me, it’s more than how much money I am making that motivates me – but more about how much TIME I AM SAVING! My conversion rates are WAY higher than any traditional affiliate program is. I am getting conversions rates as high as 30-60+% vs. 2-5% from pay per click programs (or Adsense which is even worst), and with pay per call pay-outs of $40 per converted call! (When you convert 15-20+ calls a day on that single campaign you’re laughing to the bank!) I have some days where I am making $700/day profit! Yeah, it’s a lot of money. You can see a recent screen cap on the homepage at the top showing some calls, earnings etc.

Again the time saved is most important to me (aside the money) – since the conversion is so high, once you get a method that works for you, you seriously “set it and forget it” after that my daily effort to that campaign is just to check my ad spend, conversions and that’s it usually is the same roughly every day (but as a responsible marketer I check it every day). So with the spare time, then I go looking for a new campaigns/offers to run. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying this is a lazy way of marketing (if it was this would be saturated like other affiliate channels) this is for the people who are willing to bust their ass in the short-term and willing to take some losses and learnings, for the long term gain.

pay per call gutu rajI had many mistakes and glorious moments but now I am living a good life and happy with my outcome. I am still striving for more everyday – the hustle never stops if you’re a true marketer. I won’t stop something I love doing because as it is right now – I would just be leaving money on the table.

Ok, so let’s get to business. Remember I made this VIP Members Area for a newbie to an advanced affiliate marketer. So please read this guide in its entirety to get a full grasp of what I am trying to convey.


In the remainder of this VIP Members Area you will learn:

  • The basics of pay per call and why vendors love affiliates in pay per call marketing
  • My secret list of paid and free tools and sources of data to power your marketing
  • The best way to setup landing pages, ads and keywords
  • Why understanding customer behavior is important to win
  • How to use social media to extend your reach
  • Real examples of my strategies and tactics I have used over the years and to this day to make a comfortable living.
  • How to action what you learned with Pro Tips listed throughout each section.
  • How to be cost efficient in outsourcing tedious tasks so you can build your business.

I implore you to really read and digest this members area. Again, I wish something like this existed when I started pay per call marketing because I would be light-years ahead of where I am now.

Let’s get started. Below you will find the NEXT page to read. 

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